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KwikChex, as part of our work with the Timeshare Task Force has been assisting Dyserth Falls Owners. As always, any help that we can provide is free of charge. We have just been made aware of a response made by the local MP and feel this should be shared. Dear Sir/Madam, I understand you have […] continues to flout advertising rules after an investigation found its claims to be misleading. The original complaint brought forward by the Timeshare Task Force…Timeshare Task Force uses a reputation management firm known as “KwikChex” to challenge adverts for timeshare exit services that it thinks is misleading. Above excerpts and read the full article on […]

We understand that sometimes you just need to relinquish (hand back) or sell your timeshare; it may be you no longer use it, or may not be able to afford it anymore. Regardless of the reason, it is best if you contact your member services first who should be able to talk you through your […]

The timeshare trade body, RDO (Resort Development Organisation) and the timeshare owners association, TATOC (The Association of Timeshare Owners Committees) have been working closely over the last two years to find solutions for owners who have an urgent need to dispose of their timeshare. Contrary to some of the media coverage, there are ways for […]

Credits: Bournemouth Echo Steven Smith, Chief Reporter THE latest investigation into a convicted conman from Bournemouth is at “an advanced stage” – but Trading Standards officers face not being able to bring a prosecution because of the cost. Kwikchex, a Bournemouth-based firm that manages a website advising consumers regarding businesses that operate in the timeshare […]

Credits: Daily Mail By: Sarah Bridge Mail on Sunday article about serial timeshare fraud offender Frank Madden reveals problems Trading Standards face – and includes how KwikChex is cooperating with them to assist investigations and prosecutions. All consumer reports to KwikChex and the Timeshare Task Force are also made available to the relevant authorities regardless […]

A timeshare owner aged 78, who was also suffering from medical ailments that restricted his ability to travel contacted us to say that he had been cold called by ‘Solutions for Timeshare’. After making an appointment with them, he then saw details of the ASA ruling upholding a complaint made against them by KwikChex as […]

Mr B received a phone call he believed was from his timeshare company,but was actually an unconnected company and he purchased additional holiday weeks. When Mr B received the paperwork stating the holiday weeks had been arranged through another company and not his own timeshare company as he thought, he contacted Timeshare Task Force for […]

* Spanish police arrest 56 Britons following a series of Costa del Sol raids * Investigators have so far uncovered 500 victims of the timeshare scam * Majority of the victims are pensioners – and police fear there may be thousands more who will never be identified * Scam involved calls from fake lawyers convincing […]

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