Free timeshare assistance services have been suspended.

Regrettably, the award-winning, Trading Standards Approved free assistance for timeshare owners that has been provided by KwikChex for 10 years, has had to be suspended. This is due to the withdrawal of financial support by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO).


As a result, the Timeshare Business Check and Timeshare Task Force website, which have been the source of free help for thousands of timeshare owners, will not be in operation.


KwikChex will continue to provide an information service on our Timeshare Assistance website, and will be providing more information on this site soon.


In addition, a new resource for timeshare owners has been founded by KwikChex CEO, Chris Emmins – the International Timeshare Owners Association (ITOA), and further assistance may be found on the ITOA website – https://itoa.world/


Separately funded assistance such as the Global Great Hotels Action Group will continue as before. Information can be found at KwikChex.com