‘Timeshare fraudster ordered to pay £1000’s to victims’


Further actions have taken place in a criminal case that KwikChex supported with evidence gained from investigations and consumer reports. Frank Madden was previously sentenced to 40 months imprisonment for operating a bogus holiday discount club scam and has now been ordered to pay back £20,000 and had further banning orders imposed. Read the article […]

Credits: CTSI (www.tradingstandards.uk) 26/06/2019 ‘Investigation and verification service provider, KwikChex, has earned a prestigious Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) Hero Award for its continuous work and passionate commitment on behalf of consumers, particularly around timeshare scams.’ ‘KwikChex has established a free and effective online help service for consumers the Timeshare Task Force, a helpline aimed […]

More consumers are advising that following the winding up of ITRA, they are being approached by European Consumer Claims (ECC) and are corresponding with M1 Legal.  These communications concern offers of continuing work said to have been started by ITRA. As consumers paid ITRA and entered into a contract with that business and it is now […]

June 2019 We are aware that some consumers are receiving notices of provisional liquidation regarding Excel Overseas Holdings and ELPP Investment – and that in many cases there are connections to Silverpoint and associated properties in Tenerife. We have also been receiving complaints from consumers regarding being unable to contact representatives of Silverpoint and ‘Insignia’. What already appeared as […]

June 2019 Several consumers have informed us they have received documents relating to the purported liquidation of Monster. There has been no substantiation that we have seen that this is a genuine legal process and would therefore advise extreme caution. We have also been informed that the police team conducting the investigation of Monster are also aware of […]

We are aware that European Consumer Claims / ECC is deceitfully using / ‘hijacking’  the KwikChex name within a domain name / website they have set up. They are also paying for Google Adverts to promote it. They seek to discourage consumers from using the free services KwikChex provides to consumers – and to promote […]

Incorporating information concerning ITRA (International Timeshare Refund Action), M1 Legal and Pinder Reaux.  ECC association with closed down business ITRA  The business describing itself as ‘ECC’ and offering relinquishment and claims services to timeshare owners is an offshoot of the business known most commonly as ‘ITRA’.  It has been firmly established that  ECC is under the […]

I first read the review on the web site about KwikChex Ltd knowing that they were Vetted and trading standard approved professionals who would give us the best help and advise to exit from our timeshare membership. After completing the initial inquiry page, Chris Emmins was allocated our case for his assistance. We must say […]

Approached Kwikchex for advise on my timeshare being mis sold to me after recent press articles concerning a Spanish Supreme court ruling and through there advise went back to my timeshare company as wanted to rid myself of this burden. With Kwikchex help I successfully managed to offload my timeshare back to the developer at […]

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