KwikChex Featured in Timeshare Exit Concerns Article


The Daily Mirror has published an article on the battle between timeshare exit firm, Carl James Associates, and a couple who paid £4,200 for assistance exiting their timeshare. After being repeatedly contacted by cold callers promising a swift exit from their Club La Costa membership, the pair agreed to let Carl James Associates facilitate their […]

Timeshare owners are reporting emails attempting to scam them over fake claim awards Emails are being sent to timeshare owners claiming that they have been awarded large sums in the Spanish courts. These emails claim to come from Banco de España but are clearly an attempt at defrauding timeshare owners, using a false email address […]

The FCA has advised that Termination Services Ltd. is not an authorised firm and is targeting people in the UK. Based upon information the FCA holds, it believes this business is carrying on regulated activities which require authorisation. The directors of Terminations Services Ltd are Robert Pinker and David Rhodes. They are also directors of […]

In response to requests from timeshare owners that have fallen victim to timeshare exit and claims scams. KwikChex has produced a new online resource –  Timeshare Exit Concerns The new website is entirely consumer-focused and timeshare owners are actively participating and contributing to it. Content includes: A key facts section, which details how to spot […]

Sep 09, 2020


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Updates 07/05/20, 08/05/20, 13/05/20, 19/05/20, 20/05/20, 09/07/20, 07/08/20 & 07/09/20 Azure Services Ltd. Malta Liquidation 07/05/20 KwikChex has been informed that Azure Services Ltd. of Malta has entered into liquidation proceedings. Click here to view the PDF notification that has been issued concerning this. At this stage, it is not clear how this may affect […]

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