Diamond Resorts acquisition signals increase in rogue business activity

Following the recent Hilton Grand Vacations announcement of their agreement to acquire Diamond Resorts International (see here), Diamond Resorts members have made us aware of attempts by rogue businesses to scare and pressure them into paying substantial fees for various exit and claims services.

They previously used similar deceitful tactics when Diamond was acquired by Apollo Global Management Inc. Their unlawful behaviour includes the following –

  • Unsolicited contact with Diamond members by phone, email and text, in breach of data protection laws.
  • Falsely claiming that Diamond are being put into administration / bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Falsely informing ex-owners that exited their timeshares some time ago, that their contracts will be reinstated and annual fees be demanded.
  • Falsely stating that to exit their timeshares, they will need to pay for a third party service, rather than going to Diamond directly.
  • Attempting to prohibit owners from making contact with Diamond or others that might provide accurate information.
  • Falsely implying that they are regulated, qualified experts able to provide legal advice and assessments.
  • Unlawfully pressuring owners into making rapid decisions, by falsely claiming this is necessary because of factors such as mergers & acquisitions, Brexit or imminent ‘class actions’.

If you are an owner that has been approached in this way or you have been persuaded already to pay fees or enter into a contract based on such behaviour, you can seek free assistance to make reports to authorities and recover monies by using the form on this link https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/free-assistance/

Contact by telephone and email is also available – please see information on this page – https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/contact/

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