Fake Banco de España Scam Warning

Timeshare owners are reporting emails attempting to scam them over fake claim awards

Emails are being sent to timeshare owners claiming that they have been awarded large sums in the Spanish courts. These emails claim to come from Banco de España but are clearly an attempt at defrauding timeshare owners, using a false email address (bdebancodeespanaconsulta@gmail.com). They ask for a ‘tax payment’ in order to be able to transfer the sums said to have been awarded. The emails uses the recipients names and telephone numbers. This is one of many such scams being perpetrated at present. Consumers should on no account respond to such emails, provide details or of course make any payments.  Any such emails should be reported to the national authorities.

In addition to the details of the fake compensation, the senders also attempt to confuse owners with other false information, including making attacks on the Mindtimeshare website and Alberto Garcia, who have for many years published details on fraudsters attempting to scam timeshare owners. These attacks on Mindtimeshare and Alberto Garcia are entirely without foundation.

Timeshare owners that receive unsolicited contacts by email, text or phone should be extremely cautious as those making contact are likely to be acting unlawfully in terms of data protection and could sell personal data on to other rogues. Their typical statements that they obtained the information from a ‘central timeshare register’ is in itself a fraudulent statement.  If you are a timeshare owner in any doubt about businesses making contact with you, information and entirely free assistance is available on this website and further information regarding timeshare rights, consumer protection and exits & claims is also published on https://timeshareexitconcerns.co.uk/

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