KwikChex providing additional support for timeshare owners on exit issues

Sep 09, 2020


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In response to requests from timeshare owners that have fallen victim to timeshare exit and claims scams. KwikChex has produced a new online resource – 

Timeshare Exit Concerns

The new website is entirely consumer-focused and timeshare owners are actively participating and contributing to it. Content includes:

  • A key facts section, which details how to spot and stop timeshare exit scams.
  • Consumer rights and consumer protection information on timeshares and timeshare exits.
  • Special reports on major scams that have taken place – currently featuring two on Club Class / ITRA and EZE Group.
  • Assistance and victims support to enable consumers affected by scams to file reports, seek help and join support groups pursuing justice.
  • News updates on current concerns.

To ensure the highest levels of integrity, ‘Consumer Panels’ are being formed which enable timeshare owners to participate in the content and actions taking place. Information on the website has been circulated to law enforcement, consumer protection and government authorities inviting them to provide feedback, which KwikChex will be happy to publish. 

The site will be operated to the same high standards as the KwikChex – managed Timeshare Task Force resources, which are UK Trading Standards Vetted & Approved and which received recognition in 2019 when they were acknowledged as a key element in the Business Hero Award presented to KwikChex by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).
KwikChex (T/A Timeshare Task Force) – Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Approved Profile:

CTSI Hero Award

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