EUROC / KwikChex Initiative Launched For The Protection Of Timeshare Owners

Timeshare owners have been reporting ever-increasing numbers of unsolicited approaches from rogue businesses. In response, EUROC, the European Resort Owners Coalition has asked KwikChex to provide additional resources to tackle the problem and help increase protection for owners.

If you have had an unsolicited contact by phone, email or SMS and are concerned as to how your information was obtained and what information is held about you by the business making contact, then please get in touch.

What KwikChex will do with your reports

KwikChex will collate all information provided by owners, investigate further and then present well-prepared evidence to the authorities. Whilst the majority of this will be to data protection enforcement authorities, we will also examine possible other breaches of law. This is because the vast majority of those making contact with owners have already been involved in misrepresentation and fraud – and KwikChex will therefore alert the data protection agencies to such instances to emphasise the seriousness of the problem – and advise law enforcement agencies of the contact activities. We will press hard for enforcement. KwikChex has a significant track record in supporting successful prosecutions and the closing down of rogue businesses.

Please visit this page to make a report.


Please also see below for further advice –

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