Advice for timeshare owners during the coronavirus crisis

KwikChex has been receiving requests for information from owners as to what the policies will be of timeshare companies / resorts should owners not be able to enjoy the benefits of ownership due to the coronavirus emergency.

We have already seen individual, positive examples of how this is being handled and so in the first instance would recommend that owners / members make contact with their timeshare companies / resorts to check on a case by case basis.  We feel that all will appreciate that it may also be difficult to determine what the position might be too far ahead as the situation is still ongoing and evolving and circumstances are likely to vary considerably depending on multiple factors, such as resort location and the time of the year holidays are due to be taken.

KwikChex has reached out to developers and resorts to ask that they do their utmost to keep owners / members informed to the very best of their abilities and also advise KwikChex similarly so we can respond to enquiries.

We send our best wishes for the health of all in these trying times and our fervent hope that the crisis passes soon. In the meantime, KwikChex has been increasing our resources to provide the greatest level of assistance possible.

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