O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions SL

Also trading as O1C Legal and Our One Club.

Consumers have advised KwikChex of unsolicited approaches by O1C Leisure and Legal Solutions. This business has been informing consumers that they can assist in getting monies back from a number of businesses, including

EZE Group
Monster Travel
Club Class
ABC Legal / ABC Lawyers

All of the above businesses have been the subject of official actions by authorities and have ceased trading.  The likelihood of any successful claim against these businesses is therefore negligible – unless consumers have paid with a UK credit card, in which case it may be possible to make  a claim under the Consumer Credit Act, which can be done free of charge.

O1C are now the subject of an official warning by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – see link – https://www.fca.org.uk/news/warnings/ouroneclub Which was almost certainly as a result of excellent investigative journalism by Mail journalist Tony Hetherington who exposed concerns about O1C – see link to article – https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/experts/article-7817051/TONY-HETHERINGTON-2-999-recoup-loss-timeshare-Dream-on.html

Further information

EZE Group – see information https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/dominic-oreilly-jailed/ Claims may be possible by consumers that paid by a UK credit card. There is also the possibility of compensation via the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Monster Travel – see information https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/monster-travel-sellmytimeshare-tv-warning/ Claims may be possible by consumers that paid by a UK credit card.

Club Class – A network of rogue businesses wound up by the UK authorities in 2012. See official release, which also includes information on the role played by a connected company known as ITRA.

ABC Legal, ABC Lawyers – UK companies in liquidation and the Spanish business states it has sold assets to ECC or European Consumer Claims. See information and further links to Monster, Club Class and ITRA – https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/european-consumer-claims-ecc-now-also-control-abc-lawyers-abc-legal/. Claims may be possible by consumers that paid by a UK credit card.

For assistance with all enquiries and concerns, please contact us https://timesharebusinesscheck.org/free-assistance
Assistance is entirely free and the service is Trading Standards vetted and approved.
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