KwikChex – looking back at 2017


For KwikChex, 2017 was dominated by successes and praise in the timeshare sector, where KwikChex manages the Timeshare Task Force, providing totally free assistance to consumers.


Consumer feedback

Click here to read feedback from timeshare owners about the assistance they received from KwikChex.


Rogues arrested, in court & guilty

Our work in cooperation with the authorities has always been a vital part of our consumer protection efforts. In 2017, in cases supported by KwikChex, 6 people appeared in court over scamming timeshare owners.  Two of those have already pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in 2018. The other four go to trial in April. And in the longest running investigation, multiple offices were raided and owners and senior executives of one network of businesses were arrested.


Civil claims

KwikChex continued with the well-publicised success of the previous year, providing more free assistance to timeshare owners who have been scammed by rogue claims businesses, providing evidence that helped forced settlements in civil court and Section 75 claims – helping to win back thousands of pounds.



Many timeshare owners were helped to relinquish their timeshares at no cost or for low cost payments to their timeshare companies. The majority had been lied to by rogue claims companies about their legal and contractual rights and only found that they could exit easily after making contact with KwikChex via the Timeshare Task Force.


New Timeshare Helpline opens

KwikChex, supported by the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) added to the online Timeshare Business Check – with a new telephone helpline for consumers which again provides completely free assistance +44 (0) 1202 832012


Trading Standards Approval for KwikChex

Definitely one of the highlights of the year.  In addition to our existing Corporate Affiliate membership of the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI), the integrity of KwikChex services was demonstrated again when we were awarded one of the most trusted accreditations for any UK- based business – Trading Standards approval through the Buy with Confidence scheme – and consumers that we have helped since gaining the accreditation have been quick to provide more feedback, giving us a 5 star rating.



Presenting at the 2017 Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference

KwikChex had a full session at our presentation to many Trading Standards Officers at the annual CTSI conference – helped by the popularity of the topic we presented – overcoming funding problems to help beat rogue traders. KwikChex was able to demonstrate how our investigations, verifications and resolutions services have helped cash-strapped law enforcement authorities in the battle against scammers. There was also plenty of activity at the KwikChex exhibition stand, with law enforcement and other authorities involved in consumer protection visiting to discuss cooperation.



 Online defamation, harassment and distortion

The story that never goes away. 2017 saw many more businesses from across the world seeking help from KwikChex. With a seven year track record that has been covered by the media globally, a wide range of businesses continue to seek our assistance when attacked by liars and cyber-bullies. Hotels and restaurants complaining of fake reviews on TripAdvisor remain the largest group – but many other professions, including lawyers, doctors, online businesses, health & fitness and even funeral directors have sought our help – and we continue to provide the unique services so often seen and heard on television and radio and in leading national newspapers.


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