Timeshare Consumer Case Resolved – Section 75 Claim – Visions of the World (VOTW)


Mrs S paid VOTW £299 to advertise the sale of her timeshare. VOTW promised to be proactive and provide continual assistance and provided assurances that Mrs S would receive money back on the sale of her timeshare. In fact it was extremely difficult for Mrs S to contact VOTW who failed to return calls or make changes to the website advert as requested, and the timeshare failed to sell.

Mrs S contacted RDO (VOTW were members of RDO, but membership has since been revoked), and it was passed to Timeshare Task Force for action.

​Visions of the World then applied to Companies House to ​close the company, which was objected to by Timeshare Task Force whilst claims were being dealt with.

​A​ Section 75 claim​ was submitted to Barclays who​ agreed to refund the £299 in full.

Note – there are no fees whatsoever charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex). This is a free service.

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