Timeshare consumer case resolved – example


Whilst on holiday in Malta Mr K was sold for £5,000 software product called Realistix Solutions which claimed to be able to provide extensive savings on holidays unavailable elsewhere. At the time of the purchase, the company that sold it instructed Mr K to open the product (the disc) to ensure that it was not damaged. However, when Mr K later approached the company for a refund (within the cooling off period), he was told that a refund could not be provided on a product where the packaging had already been opened. Mr K contacted Timeshare Task Force who contacted the company on the basis that their actions constituted a breach of EU consumer laws and were highly unethical. A full refund was issued shortly afterwards.

Note – there are no fees whatsoever charged to consumers seeking help regarding timeshare and related products by Timeshare Task Force (managed by KwikChex). This is a free service.

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