Three arrested in alleged €600,000 Fuengirola fraud

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By: Steve Adams

MindTimeshare, the Spanish-based organisation that helps to help timeshare owners who are the victims of rogue operators, has announced a major breakthrough in Fuengirola.

Three people that were behind nine companies that allegedly defrauded hundreds of European timeshare owners out of €600,000 were arrested last year following a report lodged with the police in Fuengirola by Mindtimeshare.

The companies’ alleged modus operandi involved cold calling timeshare owners purporting to be calling from a Spanish law office and informing them that a case had been ruled in the Spanish courts against their resort and that a fund of money had been set aside for ‘victims’.

On submission of fake documents to the timeshare owner, a payment of between €1,500 and €4,000 was taken to cover supposed services such as notary fees and court administration fees.

The companies involved are:
Leon Cardenal
Galans Sanz
Notaria Silva Freitas De La Fuente
Notaria J Felix Uehlinger
Alondra Y Calinda
Bufete Alvarez Y Velazquez
Asociacion Hernandez Y Suarez
Ubeda Felix Y Asociados
Callejo Garcia Sl.

The case is now under the jurisdiction of the Court of Fuengirola and more information will be available in due course.
Consumers who believe they may have been defrauded should contact Mindtimeshare on

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